ECLIPS Media Guard ver.2.0 has been released!


We have just released ‘ECLIPS Media Guard’ WordPress Plugin ver. 2.0 today. Professional features that encrypt and decrypt your digital images have been refined largely. You can try it free!

List of websites using WordPress on sale

These are marketing data that work for your online sales activities. We crawl the Internet 24/7/365 automatically for our own marketing purpose, and these data are by-products extracted from our internal business strategy data. These data can work for your Sales Lead because we have confirmed that URLs contained were active within last 30 days.

You will be able to find ‘2 Million USA Business Leads – only $99’ kind of data sold online, but they are extracted from public data released by governmental organizations, and sales leads included in the data have already been used by people repeatedly. Also, when you’d like to sell intangible products online, geometric limitation with data like ‘USA’ doesn’t mean anything. Our data is generated with original crawler program that can obtain website property directly even right after its creation/update, no matter of its geometric location.

We update these data monthly. We sell each data-products only to limited customer so that they can prevent themselves from being regarded as spammers. We do accept full-refund when the data purchased looks not work for you at any reason (one time only).

WordPress Plugin ver 1.1 has been released

This is a minor version update. A feature that guards WooCommerce product images has been added. A product image by WooCommerce is linked to the product image itself by default. This characteristic behavior becomes a ‘security hole’ thing in terms of image guard. We have added a feature that enforces WordPress system to display product images using ‘lightbox’ that Eclips Media Guard can apply copy protection.

Our plugin has been verified as ‘no problem’


Our plugin ‘Eclips Media Guard ver 1.0’ has been verified as ‘no problem’ by a 3rd party as shown above. We are very keen in avoiding making stress with your server and WordPress system, so this verification shows how decently our plugin works with your system.

WordPress Plugin ver 1.0 has been released!


We have just released ‘Eclips Media Guard – WordPress Plugin ver. 1.0’ on the 20th Nov 2017! Improved features of ver 1.0 are

  • No effect to seo indexing by search engines
  • Compatible with both pc & mobile with all major browsers
  • Stability by client-side-processing & clean uninstall-ability
  • Disabled saving an image by long-press (Mobile)
  • Disabled saving an image by both right-click & drag-and-drop (PC)
  • Covers a lightboxed image also (PC, Mobile)
  • Screenshot jamming by watching keys & window status (PC)
  • Guarded images remain link-able (PC, Mobile)
  • Selectable & copi-able text for viewer convenience (PC, Mobile)
  • Automatic guard deactivation for admin login (PC, Mobile)
  • Click-to-encrypt for advanced feature
  • We believe our plugin offers you the only and the best online image guard ever! Please try it and enjoy it!

    WordPress Plugin ver. 0.1 has been launched


    We have just released an WordPress Plugin for ‘Eclips Media Guard’. This plugin let you utilise ‘Eclips Media Guard’ without writing html code to make it work, just by making automatic install.