WordPress Plugin ver 1.0 has been released!


We have just released ‘Eclips Media Guard – WordPress Plugin ver. 1.0’ on the 20th Nov 2017! Improved features of ver 1.0 are

  • No effect to seo indexing by search engines
  • Compatible with both pc & mobile with all major browsers
  • Stability by client-side-processing & clean uninstall-ability
  • Disabled saving an image by long-press (Mobile)
  • Disabled saving an image by both right-click & drag-and-drop (PC)
  • Covers a lightboxed image also (PC, Mobile)
  • Screenshot jamming by watching keys & window status (PC)
  • Guarded images remain link-able (PC, Mobile)
  • Selectable & copi-able text for viewer convenience (PC, Mobile)
  • Automatic guard deactivation for admin login (PC, Mobile)
  • Click-to-encrypt for advanced feature
  • We believe our plugin offers you the only and the best online image guard ever! Please try it and enjoy it!