what is JPEGcrypto?

WordPress Plugin for copyright protection

JPEGcrypto is an unique online service that prevents your website images from being copied or reproduced unauthorizedly by viewers. It is offered as a WordPress plugin, so you can use it just by installing it to your WordPress system in a flash. The only things for you to do before using it are encrypting JPEG images by setting several conditions. Also, it allows you to make them undecryptable even after sending them to others.

works with almost all major browsers
JPEGcrypt runs on almost all major browsers on both PC and mobile. Readers of your site do not need to install any additional browser plug-ins or apps.
WordPress plugin (free)
JPEGcrypt is distributed as a WordPress plugin for free. If your website is powered by WordPress, just install the plugin then you can use it without IT knowledge.
working on Google Cloud Platform
Our application servers that work for decrypting images run on Google's infrastructure "Google Cloud Platform". We provide the world's highest level of security and durability with it.
works 100% with mobiles
JPEGcrypto works not only with PCs but with smartphones and touch pads; iPhone, iPad, Android phones, Microsoft Surface.
strong encryption with RSA 4096-bit
JPEGcrypto encrypts images with RSA 4096 -bit that is one of the strongest encryption algorithms as of today and is said that it takes decades and billions of dollars to breach information encrypted with RSA 4096-bit.
integration support available
If you need technical support for installing JPEGcrypto on your website, we can help you with a bulletin board provided by WordPress or email. Please contact us in case you are interested.
free trial period
If you have created an account, 100 decryptions per month are offered free of charge, so you can check whether it works properly on your own website before you apply for a paid service plan, in advance.
discount for use of human rights
If you use this JPEGcrypto for protecting human rights and safeguarding minors, you can receive a discount. Please contact us for details.

sample image

try to hack these images below

These 3 images are actually encrypted with JPEGcrypt and decrypted when it is displayed on this screen. Please try to save them and see how strong JPEGcrypto image protection is. If you are an IT engineer, use the Developer Tool equiped with Google Chrome or Firefox, or Fiddler for hacking to find out the HTML source and try to save the image. Even with these IT professional tools, you will find it extremely difficult to save the displayed image. In addition, watermarked information of "display expiration date", "displayed date", and "displayed client" are dynamically drawn thinly on the surface of the image so that you can let you track the person who reproduced.

use cases

works in various practical scenes

public authorities & government office
protects not only personal informations but national classified intelligence
private companies
safeguards customer's personal informations acquired in KYC process
universities & research Institutes
prevent unauthorized reproduction of images on experimental results
illustrators & cartoonists
Prevent unauthorized reuse of cartoons and illustrations
Prevent business damage by sharing photos sold without permission
adv. agencies & publishers
enables emergency unsubscribe of advertising and article images
prevent infringement of portrait rights
prevents unauthorized reproduction
online stores
prevents product images from being used without permission
digital image licensing business
enables you to rent images based on strict control


just installing JPEGcrypto WordPress plugin

The procedure to introduce JPEGcrypto to your website is very easy if the website is powered by WordPress. Just install the JPEGcrypto plugin then encrypt an JPEG image with the "Image Encryption Tool" equipped with the JPEGcrypto plug-in. Then encrypted images are automatically saved in the WordPress Media Gallery. After that, when you paste the encrypted image in the same way as normal page editting, the JPEGcrypto plug-in automatically detects the encrypted images and decrypts appropriately.

download JPEGcrypto WordPress plugin


Frequently Asked Questions


questions about how to get JPEGcryptoit worked on your website.

features & functions

questions about features and specifications, including detailed technical questions.

charge & cancellation

questions about costs and cancellations.

other questions

Other misc questions.

monthly fee

monthly fee

API server solution

This is a type of solution that decrypts encrypted images using our API server. You can use JPEGcrypto just by installing its WordPress plugin on your own web server.

You can choose an appropriate subscription from 3 types of plans, "Starter", "Basic" and "Expert", depending on the number of calls that can be made each month. Upgrades and downgrades can be made at any time (rates are calculated daily). We offer a free trial plan that allows you to make 100 calls a month just by registering your account. Use this free trial plan to make sure that JPEGcrypto works properly on your site before applying for a paid plan.

free trial starter basic expert
monthly fee $0.00 $4.80 $14.80 $128.80
monthly max call 1,000 3,000 10,000 100,000
create account see detail see detail see detail

Custom install solution

We install our 'encryption' and 'decryption' algorithm to your web server. This solution is suitable for web servers that need to be isolated from open internet. We investigate your system prior to implementation, and there are several cases that we can not implement JPEGcrypto to your system. Please contact us when interested.

Software package (no recurring charge): $1,480

For custom installation, you need to have an application server for encryption and decryption. The application server itself needs to be prepared at the expense of the user. We build an application server for custom encryption and decryption on the prepared server.

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