How do you read 'JPEGcrypto'?
'J Peg Crypto'. It comes from 'JPEG image' and 'crypto' as you see.
How do I use JPEGcrypto?
You can use it by installing a plugin to your WordPress system.
What is WordPress?
WordPress is a CMS (Contents Management Software) that makes easier for website owners to manage their websites. It is said that more than 30% of websites in the world are powered by WordPress. The website of POTUS also runs with WordPress.
What is plugin?
A plugin is a piece of software containing a group of functions that can be added to a WordPress website. They can extend functionality or add new features to your WordPress websites.
Any specific conditions with web server used?
JPEGcrypto, basically, works on a web server that runs WordPress properly. But, please note, some portion of hosting vendors refuse inbound access from outside its home country by default. You need to disable such restriction manually in such case so that our JPEGcrypto application servers in US can access your web server to obtain encrypted image data.
Does JPEGcrypto work in Multi-site setting?
Do I need to register accounts by my websites?
No. Not necessary. You can associate single email address registered to JPEGcrypto service with multiple websites. But, please note, you will not able to suspend decryption by website since the suspension functionality is by email address registered.

features & functions

What is 'Decrypt granted page url'?
It is a page on a website that you allow the encrypted image to be decrypted with JPEGcrypto. If, for example, a encrypted image is placed on a page represented by 'https://site.com/dir/page.htm', The decrypt granted page url is to be 'https://site.com/dir/' or 'https://site.com/'.
What is 'Decrypt expiration (UTC)'?
A set of date and time that an encrypted image can be decrypted till then. Time zone is UTC.
What is 'Watermark'?
A watermark is a logo or text superimposed on an image to help prevent an image from being copied or allow others to know where it was copied from and who owns the rights.
Any tips to make decryption time shorter?
Make the JPEG image to be encrypted as small as possible before encryption. There is an application software 'JPEGmini' that lets you do it easily, for example.
Does JPEGcrypto work with any browsers?
We do not say '100%', but JPEGcrypto works with more than 95% of browsers represented by ‘Google Chrome’ ‘Microsoft Edge’ ‘Mozilla Firefox’ ‘Apple Safari’.
How many encrypted images can be placed on a page?
No limitation in terms number of images on single page. We used to have 'upto 5 images' limitation, but we don't have it any more.
Does JPEGcrypto work with Lightbox scripts?
Yes it does. It depends on which Lightbox script you use. We recommend you to use a classic Lightbox script 'WP jQuery Lightbox' for stable application behavior.
Can I put encrypted images on Google Drive?
No. JPEGcrypto doesn't work properly when encrypted images are stored in Google Drive. It is not because of JPEGcrypto but of Google Drive policy to prevent them from being used as 'web contents storage'.
I opened an encrypted image on my PC with image viewer, then it showed nothing.
You are right. An encrypted image can be decrypted only with JPEGcrypto service that works properly on browsers.
Does JPEGcrypto work on SNS?
No. This is because major SNSs do not run JPEGcrypto on them so far. When they introduce JPEGcrypto to their service as a function, you will be able to use JPEGcrypto even on them.
Does JPEGcrypto work on websites that require authentication to view contents?
JPEGcrypto works when JPEGcrypto application server can access encrypted images from open internet side, using 'basic authentication'. Please refer to auth code generator to see how to use it.
Does JPEGcrypto work on intranet sites that are isolated from open internet?
You need custom integration of JPEGcrypto application to your intranet. Please contact us when you'd like to know more detail of it.
Can I change my email address registered to JPEGcrypto?
You can do it, but not recommended. Email address registered is associated with each encrypted images, so they are not able to be decrypted when your email is updated.
Does JPEGcrypto encryption never get breached?
We do not say that it will never be breached, but it will not be breached from probability view point.
Any Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) problem with JPEGcrypto?
No. We already have handled such technical challenges in our side. So you do not have to worry if CORS affects you in using JPEGcrypto.
How do you express strength of JPEGcrypto's encryption?
RSA 4096-bit.
Do you save decrypted plain image data on JPEGcrypto application server?
No. Decryption process of JPEGcrypto is done on 'volatile memory' only, so we do not save/store decrypted plain image data on JPEGcrypto application server.
Does anybody of you operators view images by decrypting them w/o our requests?
No basically, as long as there is no official and legal direction by law enforcement agencies. Also, decryption key is access-able only by our Representative Director, so nobody than him can do it.
How search engines like Google and Bing handle encrypted image data?
Search engines can save only encrypted image data.
How does JPEGcrypto handle Exif fields of images in encryption?
We do not remove/edit Exif data fields in encrypting image data. Please remove them by yourself in case you'd like to hide your personal information stored in Exif fields.
Why we haven't have JPEGcrypto like service until now?
Columbus’ eggs.

charge & cancellation

Can I test JPEGcrypto before subscribing paid plan?
Yes of course. You will get 100 calls a month when you register your email address.
What is 'call' you say?
We say a request to decrypt an encrypted image to our JPEGcrypto application server 'call'. Call is counted up only when an encrypted image gets decrypted after validation. It means that we do not count up your call when the encrypted image is not decrypted because of 'url' or/and 'expiration' reasons.
How can I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel your active subscription right away just by clicking 'cancel subscription' in your My Account page.
Can I upgrade/downgrade plan w/o re-subscribing?
Yes you can make both upgrade and downgrade.
How do you calc difference of 2 plans when upgraded/downgraded?
Payment by the day. Surplus is transferred to next month.
How can I pay?
Monthly fixed amount of charge, paid with PayPal.
When is billing date?
Each 1 month.
What happens when billing with PayPal fails?
Your subscription will be automatically cancelled when we can not draw monthly charge even 10 days after billing date.
Refund acceptable?
We do not make refund because we offer free trial period to users.
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