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Our outstanding skills

We are providing unique and outstanding solutions in these 6 areas currently.

Deep Learning
We are focusing on building not only ‘Artificial Intelligence’ but also ‘Artificial Instinct / Emotion’ that actually takes control of human decision in our daily life.
We are professionals at tuning WordPress system and developing WordPress Plugin. JPEGcrypto plugin is developed and maintained by ourselves.
Online Commerce
We are a pack of experts in both B2C and B2B online commerce. We have experience and knowledge of B2B online procurement integration for global companies.
Online Data Security
We offer penetration test with Kali Linux platform. Also, we are very good at utilizing PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) in the style of very unique solution, to safeguard your business.
Cloud Computing
We are a heavy user of Google Cloud Platform (GCP). We are able to provide a set of Cloud Computing Solutions based on our professional experience.
Digital Imaging
We are professional in handling digital image data. We are able not only to edit them with Adobe applications but to manipulate them as binary data.

Our services & products

These below are our major service & products.