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Our outstanding skills


オンラインコマース(Online Commerce)
We are very experienced system integrator in both B2C and B2B online commerce. We have experience and knowledge of B2B Punch-out online procurement integration between Fortune-500 global companies intermediating with ‘Ariba/Oracle-OCI/Coupa/SAP/GXS’.
ディープラーニング(Deep Learning)
We are focusing on building rather ‘Artificial Instinct Emotion’ that actually takes control of human decision in our daily life. 80% of our decisions are made not with consciousness but with unconsciousness, so modeling human unconsciousness like ‘like/dislike’ works in various industries.
We are professionals at tuning WordPress system and developing WordPress Plugin. JPEGcrypto plugin is developed and maintained by ourselves.
データセキュリティ(Data Security)
We are very good at utilizing encryption technologies (PGP: Pretty Good Privacy, Public-key cryptography) and Digital Signature (X509, XML-Dsig) to safeguard your business.

Our core competencies