List of WordPress (300,000+) sites


Last updated in Jun 2018.

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Fresh list of websites running with WordPress (300,000+ sites)

  • Verified site activeness in Jun 2018
  • 30% (100,000+ sites) with valid contact email address
  • Suitable for cross-border online customer acquisition
  • All data contained are publicly distributed (=no abuse risk to use)
  • Site language information included when set
  • Site description and keyword info included when set
  • Site category info included when identifiable
  • Commerce site using WooCommerce identified
  • Data format: CSV or XML
  • Less than $0.001 per a list
    What is ‘WordPress’?

    WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. There are 1,300,000,000 domains registered on the Internet, and 25% (=300,000,000) of them are actually access-able. It is said that more than 30% (=90,000,000) of these access-able websites are running with WordPress.

    Why WordPress?

    WordPress is a very reliable, robust and flexible CMS so many authoritative organizations are using it (e.g. In other words, they are accustomed and keen to run their websites relatively more than ones using other CMSs. This is the reason why they are the very ones whom you need to contact first when you’d like to sell your product online.

    Why is this data good?

    Freshness and high validity. How are you promoting your products sold on your website? Online advertisements may be the first option, just to have clicks linked to your website. Are you happy to pay $ to have clicks by someone who do not buy your product? You will be able to identify and send direct messages (email/contact form) to those who may be interested in your product with this data, at lowest $.

    How is this data generated?

    Our crawler accesses millions of websites and parse them one-by-one, 24/7, no matter of its registration to search engines. This data is a by-product of our marketing research. All information included in this data are publicly distributed and you can obtain them by yourself if you can find and analyze them, although it’s very tough to do it.

    Summary of the data

    50% of sites listed are in English. 9.2% in German, 5.0% in Japanese, 4.5% in French and others follow
    45% of sites listed have ‘.com’ domain. 7.0% have ‘.de’ domain
    4.6% of sites listed are using WooCommerce to run their online store
    30% of sites listed have contact email address
    Split into multiple CSV/XML files so you can open them with your device (e.g. text editor, MS Excel, web browser)

    Sample data download

    You can download our sample data (100 lines) to see what kind of information you get. Please download it here before purchasing one.

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    Additional information

    Data format

    CSV, XML