Can you save this image below in your PC/Smart-phone without an watermark on it?

This is an actual ECLIPS encoded image decoded in being displayed here. Please try to save original image of this without watermark to see how strong ECLIPS protection is. Also, IT engineers especially, please try to save what you see by looking into HTML source or Developer Tools you have. You can save it with Watermark on it somehow, but you see it’s harder to make it than you do for other online images. You can make a screenshot of it but it contains an watermark on it that tells who you are.

This is another ECLIPS image that was encoded from all the same source image as above, but it doesn’t have permission to be displayed on this site. It has a description ‘you are not permitted to view this image’ is placed in the middle of it.

This is the source image of those 2 above without ECLIPS encode. Just added ‘class=protect_image. ‘right-click on the image’ and ‘drag and drop saving’ are refused, but you can save it without difficulty when you read HTML source.

And the last, this is the source image of first 2 above without any protection using ECLIPS. Most of web-sites have this level of protection, so you cane save the image displayed easily just by making ‘right-click then save-as’.