What is Eclips Media Guard for? (利用目的)

We can think of such various challenges caused by online images and videos as listed below right away. We have been expected ‘would like to show them to as many people online as possible, but would not like to lose control of them at the same time’, but it has been regarded as a contradiction for last decades. Eclips Media Guard is a whole new solution that let you have it. Eclips Media Guard mitigates these risks on you in distributing your images and videos online keeping control of them with you.

1. Free ride of effort

  • Unauthorized reproduction of your blog images/videos
  • Illegal spread of your copyrighted image/video products
  • Infringement of portrait rights for public figures
  • Unauthorized resell using product images/videos that you own
  • 2. Uncontrollable spread of information

  • Flaming on your blog caused by uncontrollable spread of your blog images/videos
  • Losing business by getting infamous images/videos left online
  • Getting SLAPP act with your images/videos
  • Sued by parents of kids who was taken in the picture you took
  • 3. Criminal use of personal information

  • Target finding by sex offenders
  • Counterfeiting of identity
  • Unauthorized access to view one’s intimate photos/videos
  • Revenge porn and digital tattoo
  • 4. Leakage of confidential information

  • Confidential information on the Intranet site gets copied and leaked
  • eMails that contain confidential information get forwarded to outside
  • 5. Fake news

    We came to hear a word ‘Fake News’ in 2017. It is caused by ‘uncertainty of information source’ and ‘tamper-ability of information during its being transferred’. ECLIPS let you secure certainty of information by eliminating such uncertainty related to online images and videos.