image size: 1280×720 px

These are actual images that were encoded with Eclips Media Guard. Decent permission to be displayed on this site was given to the upper one, but it was not given to the lower one intentionally. The only difference between these 2 encoded images is ‘permission’ stored in them.

Please try to save original image of this without watermark to see how strong Eclips Media Guard protection is. Also, IT engineers especially, please try to save what you see by looking into HTML source or by using Developer Tools you have. You may be able to do it with Watermark on it somehow, but you see even doing it is much harder to make it than you do for other normal online images. You can make a screenshot of it but it contains an watermark on it. This watermark has ‘timestamp’ and ‘your device identifier’ drawn dynamically on it so we can see who you are when reproduced.