List of 50,000 fresh website URLs using WordPress associated with Owner eMail address [Jan-2018]

¥198,000 ¥99,800

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  • 2.0 JPY per URL (= 2.0 US cent per URL)
  • Limited to 1 purchases per month, to prevent you from being detected as a spammer
  • 50,000 website URLs that are using WordPress world-wide, parsed within last 30 days.
  • eMail address of each site owner are associated with each URL
  • Contains ‘page language’ and ‘website keywords’ info when available (see sample data)
  • Suitable for Direct Marketing for cross-border online business
  • To be updated monthly parsing 65 Tera-byte of crawl data
  • Last updated in 1st Jan 2018.
  • This product requires pre-request before making purchase so you can have the latest data.
    Please contact us before placing order online.