Last updated in 1st Feb 2018.

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These are marketing data that work for your online sales activities. We crawl the Internet 24/7/365 automatically for our own marketing purpose, and these data are by-products extracted from our internal business strategy data. These data can work for your Sales Lead because we have confirmed that URLs contained were active within last 30 days.

You will be able to find ‘2 Million USA Business Leads – only $99’ kind of data sold online, but they are extracted from public data released by governmental organizations, and sales leads included in the data have already been used by people repeatedly. Also, when you’d like to sell intangible products online, geometric limitation with data like ‘USA’ doesn’t mean anything. Our data is generated with original crawler program that can obtain website property directly even right after its creation/update, no matter of its geometric location.

We update these data monthly. We sell each data-products only to limited customer so that they can prevent themselves from being regarded as spammers. We do accept full-refund when the data purchased looks not work for you at any reason (one time only).


  • 300,000 website URLs that are using WordPress world-wide, parsed within last 30 days.
  • Suitable for lead generation for cross-border online business
  • Site-language % are English (50%), German (8%), Spanish (4%), Japanese (4%) and follows
  • To be updated monthly parsing 65 Tera-byte of crawl data
  • only 0.001 USD per an URL
  • Limited to 10 purchases per month
  • Data format: Comma delimited CSV/XML/JSON (Zipped)
  • Data character set: UTF-8

    Data contains these information below


  • website url
  • date & time last crawled and verified in ‘YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss’ format
  • site status (= alive)
  • site description language in ISO-639-1 code (2 letters like en/de/fr/ja/es)
  • content management system name (= WordPress)
  • wordpress version when identified (e.g. WordPress 4.9.2)
  • commerce platform name when WooCommerce is used (= WooCommerce)
  • site descriptions when described
  • site keywords when described
  • owner email address when identified (recorded as a serialized array)

    Additional information

    Data format