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We are providing unique and outstanding solutions in these 3 areas currently.

Deep Learning
We are focusing on building not only ‘Artificial Intelligence’ but also ‘Artificial Instinct / Emotion’ that actually takes control of human decision in our daily life.
Online Commerce
We are a pack of experts in both B2C and B2B online commerce. We have experience and knowledge of B2B online procurement integration for global companies.
Online Data Security
We are keen to safeguard your digital property. Our unique knowledge of ‘data encryption’ and ‘network technology’ contribute you to have happy online life.


Online Data Security

JPEGcrypto is a unique ‘online data-security service’ that mitigates risks on your images from getting copied/reused/spread uncontrollably without your permission. You can utilize it very easily just by encoding your images, and adding only several html descriptions in your existing HTMLs, then it lets you decode them automatically. You don’t have to install any application nor plugin in using it. Also you can use integrate it in seconds when you are a WordPress user.


‘Kansei’ a.i.

Deep Learning

We are focusing on building not only ‘Artificial Intelligence’ but also ”Artificial Instinct/Emotion’ that actually can takes control of human decision. This is similar to the relationship between ‘IQ’ and ”EQ’. Please imagine how you decide which product to buy in your daily life; food, books, cars, stocks. We humans apparently think and decide logically using our intelligence but actually do it just to support our instinctive/emotional preferences like ‘fear’, ‘desire’, ‘sense of beauty’.

弊社では人工的な「知能」のみならず、実際に人々の意思決定を司ると考えられる「本能/感情 = 感性」に着目しています。この関係は「IQ」と「EQ」の関係に似ています。日常生活での購買活動を思い出してみてください。食品・本・クルマ・株などです。我々は知性を使い論理的に物事を考えて意思決定をしているように見えますが、実際には「恐怖」「渇望」「美意識」といった潜在意識や感情で判断し、それを論理で裏付けるているのです。

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詐欺サイトは本物サイトの画像をコピーして作られます。防ぐには #JPEGcrypto 。

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